The aim of GenomeScripts is to share simple scripts/code for analysing the human genome. We welcome contributions to the wiki, but ask that authors follow these guidelines:

  • Scripts should be self contained. In other words, they should be able to run on a relatively standard computer without requiring the user to install additional software beyond the using scripting / plotting programs such as Perl, Python, MATLAB and R.
  • Scripts should use freely avaliable and easily accessed data. For example, the UCSC and Ensembl websites provide large data resources that are suitable for the scripts on this site. The script description page should describe where these files can be obtained.
  • Scripts should aim to address a simple question about the genome that is of general interest. For example, "which gene has the largest exon" might be a suitable question.
  • If you can see a "better" way for a script to do the same job, then feel free to update the code - but please test your code before you do so!

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